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Gary Davis - C# ASP.Net PayPal Certified Developer

Photo - Gary Davis and Lassie Perhaps you are interested in some development help or consultation related to adding PayPal functionality to your web site. You probably want to know if I can do the work and how much it will cost.

Well, maybe I can. Let me tell you a bit about myself to help you decide. I have been a programmer for well over 30 years. During the last 20, I have been involved with eCommerce web sites selling DVDs, CDs, games, etc, using PayPal as one of the payment methods.

For development, I have concentrated on Microsoft web technologies. Most of my current development is DotNET using C# and JavaScript with Visual Studio 2019 and SQL Server. I do not program PHP/Apache web sites.

For PayPal-specific development, I have programmed PayPal Website Payments Standard as well as Pro. I have programmed Express Checkout, Direct Payment and Instant Payment Notification (IPN).

So what next? You are probably looking at various other individuals from the PayPal certification directory to try and figure out who to contact. It is important to make some calls and send some emails so you can get a comfort level and the proper fit for successful implementation of your requirements. If you feel that I may be of use based on the info above and the comments my clients have written in the Testimonials section, please email me with the details.

Thanks for taking the time to consider me as the solution for your requirements.

370736 visitors since 2/16/2010

If your platform is Microsoft IIS DotNET, I can help you (not PHP). My experience is with PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Express Checkout, Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) and Recurring Payments.

Please email me with information about your project and I will respond promptly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What my clients have to say...

I have been very pleased with the quality of the work Gary has done on my webpage. He is a skilled technician, who pays meticulous attention to detail, and is readily available when problems arise. My particular webpage was designed some years ago by a webmaster who built it largely "from scratch," and as such, the underlying technical set-up is somewhat unusual, and in places unique. That makes it a challenge for new webmasters to come on board and implement changes and updates to the basic website architecture. On several different projects, involving a range of skills (including implementing PayPal as a payment option), Gary has handled this challenge skillfully and well.

When running a website with an e-commerce component, one is naturally concerned about the potential risk involved in providing access to sensitive information, such as credit card processing and PayPal passwords. My experience with Gary is that he is extremely honest and conscientious in handling this sensitive data.

In sum, Gary is a true professional -- a conscientious, skillful, honest and accessible webpage developer and technician. I highly recommend him and the excellent quality of his work.

John O'Leary

I am new to web development and I am just completing my first website. I needed to integrate PayPal's IPN into my site. I worked on it for at least two weeks trying to get it to work and had no progress. I contacted Gary, He quickly uploaded an IPN page to my website and went beyond his original quote in helping me get set up with the right web host to get my site finalized.

I would highly recommend Gary. He responded quickly to my questions and went beyond the scope of work that he was supposed to do for me.

Randy Stewart

Before I met Gary Davis , I worked with two other developers who promised more than they delivered. Gary not only created what I described and needed for my business, but delivered a unique software application that exceeded my expectations.

The software Gary created for my company is unique in the insurance and financial services industry. Within 72 hours after Gary finished the application I began generating revenue. My website, www.insurancehelpcenters.net, which uses the software Gary created, has been publicized in the top insurance trade publication.

In addition, when Gary quoted me a price based on the amount of time he thought it would take to create the application, he kept to the price, even though it took him many more hours to create and finish the application. Gary Davis is knowledgeable, talented, and a true professional. I highly recommend him.

Bruce Sankin

We chose Gary from others on the PayPal Developer's Network because he answered emails promptly, provided clear expectations as to his expertise, timetable and costs. He kept his word on all.

The project was completed on time, as expected and on budget. In our project, he integrated our shopping cart with Payflow Pro, proposed ideas to better the transition and made recommendations for future improvements.

Gary is professional and reliable. We expect to contract him for future developments and recommend his work.

Elizabeth Martinez
President, Media Online, Inc.

I was looking for somebody to help me set up PayPal check-out on our website. I contacted several programmers but when I talked to Gary I knew he was perfect for the job. He was knowledgeable, understanding and a true professional. The ease of communication and how simple he made the whole process go made me more than happy.

It never took long for him to reply to my emails about problems I was having with the site. He cleaned up the site and got rid of a lot of the bugs it had.

I contact Gary with any problems we encounter with the site and he always helps me to correct them.

I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for help with any aspect of website development and programing.

Genia Trakhtenberg

To whom it may concern...

My name is Isaac Benzur. I create photographic murals.

Two years ago when I decided to use a customized credit card processor on my web site. I searched on Paypal's web site for a list of developers referenced by Paypal. I found Gary on that list, and since, I have been working with him on numerous occasions. Gary has proven to be proficient in his craft, accessible by both email and telephone, willing to help beyond the 9 to 5 ordinary hours of operation, offers reasonable pricing, and lacks the overdeveloped ego/vanity which is often appears to be the trade mark of the standard geek.

In addition his work is accompanied with good descriptions so as to enable the client to adjust and maintain it without much difficulty. I recommend him without reservations.

Isaac Benzur / IsaacBenzurPhotographicMurals.com

Recently I wanted to upgrade my horse racing handicapping subsciption service website that I had just purchased by integrating PayPal Website Payments Standard which enabled me to accept online payments from customers with -- or without -- PayPal accounts. We chose Mr. Davis over other developers because of his quick response and very reasonably priced quote.

From the very beginning I let Gary know that I was not very computer literate and he assured me it would not be a problem. Not only did Gary complete the project on schedule and budget, he also showed patience and true professionalism as he walked me through all aspects of using the PayPal setup. I highly recommend him.


[Gary Davis: Willie's project was very challenging since his original programmer was no longer available nor was the website's "code-behind" source code. This required some reverse-engineering with "Reflector" to rebuild the missing C# source files.]

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If you are using PayPal Standard you should also be using encrypted buttons so buyers don't alter your Html, changing prices of what they are ordering from you.

You can use PayPal's Button Factory to create static html for your buttons. If you want dynamic encrypted buttons, they have to be created prior to the buyer clicking on the Buy Now button. This is done buy building the parameters for PayPal and then running them through the encryption routines as documented by PayPal.

For post about this at my blog, see How to create dynamic Encrypted Website Payments (EWP) PayPal buttons.

Enter information that will be incorporated into your certificate request. There are several fields but you can leave some blank. Supply a good Pass Phrase and remember it to open the returned zip file, the PrivateKey.pem and the Pkcs12.p12 files.

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